Open Dialogue

APOLOGETICS is the discipline devoted to explaining the Christian faith to nonbelievers. This is easily the most mind-boggling evangelistic site I have ever visited. Ravi is perhaps the most effective explainer of the Christian faith practicing today. He is particularly effective with university students! Dr. Craig is one of the better Christian apologists practicing today. Useful information here for trying to figure out how to explain the Christian faith to a very bizarre society. A very helpful site dealing with Christian apologetics. The philosophy jokes page is hilarious! Josh has proven himself over decades on university campuses. Don't judge him by his old stuff--he's learning what works with a new, relativistic generation!


SCIENCE AND CHRISTIAN THOUGHT wide collection of articles by people like Aquinas, Craig, Plantinga, Dembski, Johnson.

POWER TO CHANGE    The Good News of how others have changed, and how you can to! This site (under the leadership of Hugh Ross) is devoted to explaining the meshing of modern science with classic Christian thought. Check out this site! Can same sex relationships fill an inner emptiness? This site has an excellent collection of articles useful for explaining the faith.